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Why Critter Roles?

Hi, welcome to Critter Roles! I'm Chela and I'm the creator of this geeky space. We are constantly creating over here, as we add things to our own geeky lives, so you can expect all sorts of fun, new, exciting things as we continue to grow. We love this nerd community and we hope you love our space here.

So, a little bit about me! 

  • Critters: I have two cats, their names are Maple and Syrup. But, I do change their names whenever I want - so right now their names are actually Bean and Loaf.
  • Video Games: I have the most amount of hours in Skyrim, but I have the longest love for Harvest Moon - shoutout to Stardew Valley.
  • RPG Style: I have a really hard time playing a character that can only do close range combat, I really like my bows
  • Harry Potter: I'm told I'm a Hufflepuff, but I kind of think I'm a Ravenclaw.
  • Lord of the Rings: The best characters are obviously Aragorn or Pippin.
  • Best. Character: Loki. He is mischief and chaos.
  • Last but not least, I love dragons.

So, why Critter Roles? When I first started to play D&D, I started to watch Critical Role - like I think a lot of us have. I was so struck by the community of the players, the community of the fans, and all of the learning and creativity and art that went into just making this wonderful, fun environment for everyone. Then I started to think about what D&D has meant to me: given me more confidence, a great community of friends, and even an extended community in the ways I can connect with people.

Then I started to think about starting a business! So, I was thinking about what to name it and I was thinking about that term "Critter" - the fans of Critical Role. I thought about all of the things that d&d has given me and then what my role is in this community that I am now a part of. So I took both of those terms!

For me, Critter Roles is what I can give back to the geeky community and how my art and my creativity can give back to this wonderful, amazing body of people we have here. So, I hope you that you love this space and our creations, and that we can be a very positive part of this community that I love!

Now that you know more about Critter Roles and me, enjoy the bloopers created in the awkward process of filming!

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If you have any questions about my work, thoughts about who would win in a fight between Aragorn and Legolas, or just want to get in touch, please do so!

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